Quantum Learning® 

Facilitating a revolution in teaching and learning

What is Quantum Learning?

Quantum Learning is the core of all of our programs, from our summer SuperCamp programs to our Quantum Learning school programs for teachers, administrators, and Students – and we are proud of its capacity to bring about meaningful positive changes for kids, teachers, and classrooms.

With the exceptional results we achieved at SuperCamp we were invited by schools to teach educators our Quantum Learning methods and produce programs for students. Now held throughout the country, Quantum Learning school programs result in engaging teachers, motivated students, effective administrators – and accelerated student achievement!

Quantum Learning is a powerful and engaging teaching and learning methodology that integrates best educational practices into a unified whole. This synergistic approach to the learning process covers both theory and practice. It has been proven to increase academic achievement and improve students' attitudes toward the learning process. These integrated, comprehensive programs turn abstract theory into practical applications that can be used immediately in the classroom.

In Quantum Learning classrooms, workshops, schools and districts nationwide and worldwide, teachers, administrators and students gain the skills and motivation to create an academically and socially successful school community. Quantum Learning works at every level to motivate teachers and improve academic performance.

Quantum Learning is proven to increase student achievement. Our training components focus on research-based teaching and learning methods including the creation of effective learning environments, administrative and instructional leadership training, design and delivery of content, effective learning and life skills, and school improvement through evaluation.

By using what we call the Quantum Learning FADE model in our school programs, we build a strong FOUNDATION of aligned principles, beliefs, agreements, policies and rules (community); an empowering ATMOSPHERE of trust, safety, and a sense of belonging; a dynamic and engaging curriculum DESIGN; and a supportive ENVIRONMENT that enhances the learning process.

We're proud of our results in schools – here are a few Quantum Learning statistics:

  • Positive impact on student academic achievement for 25+ years – now in 30,000 classrooms across all grade levels in over 30 states
  • Statistically and educationally significant gains in reading, mathematics, and writing
  • After Quantum Learning, students' test-taking skills increased 35%
  • Students earning their GEDs increased to 72.2% from 44.4% the previous year
  • 100% of teachers reported an increase in their effectiveness

To learn more about why we're so proud of what we do for schools, teachers, classrooms, and kids, visit our website:


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